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The Aesus Premier range of  tamper evident shrink labelling machines boast very high speeds and large range of sleeves.  Speeds of up to 400/min on reasonable sized sleeves – faster on neck bands – and twin units will double the speeds.  Sleeves up to 190mm dia and 300mm flat width.

tamper evident

The Aesus Economy range of tamper evident neck banding/sleeving machines are very compact and affordable.  Speeds of 100/min on reasonable sized sleeves – faster on neck bands (200 per minute).  Sleeves up to 100mm dia and 170mm flat width.

Aesus Systems was founded in 2003 and was the amalgamation of D. L. Tech Inc (founded in 1995) and EDT ( founded in 1997).  The founding partners of Aesus were previously partners or employees in Kalish (founded in 1956) and NJM-CLI (NJM-CLI was founded in 1972 by an ex-Kalish employee).

Most of the employees of Aesus have stemmed from the above companies, and have considerable experience in packaging, sleeving and labelling machinery. At its zenith Kalish was one of the premier pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machine manufacturers in North America, employing over 300 people with sales over $60 million.


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