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Transform Your Business with Born Digital Products

Harness data intelligence from every product item to drive new supply chain, brand protection and consumer engagement applications throughout the product lifecycle.

Apparel brands, from luxury to sportswear, creating competitive advantage with EVRYTHNG


“Because we have QR codes on all RFID tags, we’ve been able to partner with EVRYTHNG to provide a more holistic approach between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar” Russ Kahn, Senior Vice President of Retail.


Ralph Lauren

“The launch of Digital Product IDs demonstrates how we continue to use technology to deliver more for our consumers and ensure the integrity of our products throughout their lifecycle.” David Lauren, Chief Innovation Officer.

How EVRYTHNG helps apparel brands

Transform your product into a new DTC channel for personalised 1:1 engagement

Transform your product into a new DTC channel for personalised 1:1 engagement

Key capabilities for the apparel industry


Factory Activation
  • Every item activated on the production line in authorized locations using EVRYTHNG’s Factory Activation app.
  • Integrated workflow with Labelling, ERP and PIM systems so each item comes out the factory with a rich digital product profile, mapped to serialized hangtag and/or fabric label.
  • Customizable dashboards let you monitor POs and Shipments across all your factory locations
Brand Protection
  • Products are authenticated in the factory, with a crypto-secure serialized digital identity.
  • Authentication in market through consumer smartphone and our Brand Inspector app.
  • Real-time rules and machine learning applied to crowdsourced scan data for mass-scale diversion and counterfeit detection.
Context-Aware Engagement
  • Our patented technology enables you to provide context-aware consumer engagement.
  • Deliver different content and application experiences based real world factors like location, time, day or user profile.
  • Learn from real-time analytics dashboards and update campaign rules at any time.
One ID, Multipe Applications
  • An Active Digital Identity™ in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud enables multiple applications through the lifecycle, using any combination of identifiers, such as QR code, NFC or RFID tags.
  • New DTC services can be added at any time to products in market; from Digital Wardrobe to Rewards to eCommerce Reordering.
  • Explore new business opportunities, such as Resale Market or Recycling Schemes.
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