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  • Consumer facing authentication platform
  • Web based deployment; works on any smartphone or handheld device
  • Unique QR Code driven; print every pack with existing or new coding system

Counterfeiting of products from unregulated or unpoliced markets is more of threat today than it has ever been before.

A new strategic partnership between Result Group and IDlocate – a leading provider of product traceability and anti-counterfeiting solutions – offers Australian companies their best chance to stamp out product counterfeiting via a consumer facing authentication platform.

The IDlocate platform uses a company’s source data and prints in real time on every unit. With one easy scan, consumers can then verify the product’s authenticity, check product recall status and learn more about your product and brand.

We are thrilled to announce that the IDlocate solution is a finalist in the 2016 Foodbytes food innovation awards! This industry affirmation allows us to conclude that IDlocate is the ideal strategic partner for Result Group, allowing us to continue delivering best practice solutions for our clients.

– Result Group GM, Michael Dossor

The IDlocate authentication platform is built on an enhanced version of a proven platform that has been delivering unique coding solutions for the last 15 plus years, and addresses all the issues and risk in printing a unique identifier in a manufacturing environment.

Our partnership with IDlocate enables us to deliver our customers a complete turn-key solution from Coding & Marking equipment and control software, to print a unique QR code on every product that will read and engage with any consumer on any handheld platform.  Whilst there are a few other options in the market, we haven’t seen anything that works so well from both the manufacturer and the consumer stand-point. We’re super excited to share this exclusive opportunity with our customers.

– Result Group Business Unit Manager, Michael Harrop

id-locateThe additional benefits to brand owners is the ability to check supply chain and distribution without the need for third party feedback and the ability to engage with consumers and deliver brand messages in real time.

Because the platform is web based, there is no need for a specific code reader or app. It does not matter what model smartphone or what social media application or code reader a consumer is using.  This is great news for marketers as the content delivered to consumers can be as broad as the brand owner wants, for example serving suggestions and promotional offers.

The strategic partnership with IDlocate allows Result Group to continue delivering best practice solutions for clients in an off the shelf manner.

If you have any concerns about product counterfeiting or product security, or would like a demonstration of the IDlocate authentication platform please enquire here or call Michael Dossor on 03 9706 4474.

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