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  • One (1) labeller becomes three (3)
  • Easy accuracy for a demanding product range
  • Simple to use with increased plant efficiency

Baxter Laboratories are contract manufacturers to the pharmaceutical and personal care industry. They pride themselves on innovation, customer service excellence and effective supply chain management. So when the labelling accuracy of their existing equipment began to falter, they were quick to respond with a review of a better alternatives.

This was 18 months ago and the solution Result Group recommended for Baxter was the HERMA 400 label applicator. This uniquely compact label applicator has unparalleled versatility and is completely user-friendly. But, importantly for Baxter, the result was a vast improvement in labelling accuracy.

“All HERMA label applicator machines use the tried and tested state of the art HERMA 400 servo driven applicator which ensures labels are consistently applied with a very high degree of accuracy” says Michael Harrop, from Result Group.

BaxterOnce the HERMA 400 proved itself to be an invaluable asset, Baxter looked to completely replace their existing equipment with the robust and durable HERMA 362E. This has been in operation for 6 months now, labelling a range of pack formats including spray bottles, tubes, bottles, jars just to name a few.

The HERMA E Series label applicators combine the durability and speed of the larger HERMA M Series with the space saving of the compact HERMA C Series. The feature of speed also applies to module change overs which can be installed and changed quickly, greatly reducing ongoing production costs.

Baxter’s Operations Manager, Ian Tilley, says “We’re now swapping all our machines over to HERMA. Not only have the machines increased our labelling accuracy and production efficiency, and minimised set up time, the service that we’ve received from Result Group throughout the process has been second to none.”

“The extent to which we’re happy with the HERMA 362E is demonstrated by the fact that we’ve got more machines on order.”
The HERMA 362E has front, back and wrap-around labelling capabilities with an excellent price-performance ratio. It also features an operator friendly, easy to use touch screen with the ability to save job and mechanical settings, once again saving you time in set up.

Michael Harrop from Result Group says “With its advanced handling, we always knew the HERMA system was superior to the competitor machines that Baxter had been using, but it’s very reassuring to learn of our client’s satisfaction with them. Satisfaction that is simply because of a great result.”

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