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Panther Industries has been a partner for many years as a manufacturer of automated labelling equipment. Their products include the Panther 2000, 2000e, and the Panther CUB. The Panther labelling systems have always been the most feature packed systems in the industry.

Panther swing armPanther systems are built to be the most rugged, reliable, and maintenance friendly systems on the market – with 100% off-the-shelf components and true INDUSTRIAL controls. They have always been an industry leader, but over recent times that‘s gone up another level.

The Panther 2000 is the leading pneumatic labelling system on the market. With a built in operator display, and by utilizing all available printer signals, the operator will always be made aware of the operating status of the Panther Print and Apply System. This self-diagnosing control system puts an end to troubleshooting equipment with a voltage meter.

The Panther 2000e is a 100% electric label applicator that uses no compressed air. Instead of a pneumatic air cylinder, the P2000e utilizes a high speed servo system to make it the most flexible top apply system available today.

The Panther 2000e is capable of labelling products that vary in height up to 1M or more. It can be configured with stroke distances up to 1.2M at speeds a pneumatic applicator cannot match. And it incorporates a Smart Tamp feature which detects contact with a product without using head mounted sensors.

The Panther 2000e is perfect for applications where compressed air is not available, labelling tall products where product height is variable, and when label placement is critical (such as label over label applications).

The Panther Print and Apply System can be configured many different ways for a variety of applications and the Pather P8e fully electric applicator will be on show at AUSPACK.

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