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  • Environmentally friendly labelling solution
  • Permanent ‘label’ – easy traceability
  • Remove labels from your process

In recent years, the environmental impact of the production processes has gained significant attention and importance. Manufacturers are trying to streamline the use of resources and materials, switching to greener ways to producing and labelling their products.  Brand owners are now also reacting to growing interest from consumers concerns about climate change, leading them to re-evaluate their packaging and labelling choices.

With four years on the clock to achieve the 2025 APCO sustainability targets, working together with an industry-wide goal has never been more important. Against this backdrop, Result Group has partnered with EcoMark GmbH – innovators in the field of BRANDING THE NATURAL WAY – to assist brand owners meet their sustainability goals and deliver the type of eco-friendly packaging that consumers demand without the use of labels, stickers, inks or other packaging materials.  In fact, PACKAGING WITHOUT PACKAGING at all. Simply, branding the natural way via the customisable EcoMark laser systems.

What is Natural Branding?

Laser marking on mango

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Natural Branding is a contactless method of labelling without packaging. It refers to the depigmentation of the top cell layer of the fruit / vegetable skin only and the removal of the outer fruit husk without damaging the product itself.  It is a very superficial process that does not have a negative effect on the taste, aroma or shelf-life of the produce. The peel of the fruit and/or vegetable is safe to eat – even the part that is marked. This process completely renounces the use of chemical additives, packing materials, colours, stickers and labels.  The quality and shelf life of the food remain unaffected and the mark becomes a permanent label for easy traceability and brand authenticity.

EcoMark Natural Branding Machine

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The EcoMark laser system

The EcoMark NB Series machines are constructed on the basis of a modular system. The entry-level machine is equipped with a conveyor belt branding the objects “on the fly”, which means without stopping. During this process the products can be placed either separately or in finished packages such as boxes or cases. The camera automatically identifies the position and the alignment of the products. It will take just a couple of milliseconds to transfer that information to the laser unit and to brand each product according to pre-set criteria and specifications.



The Advantages of the EcoMark system over labels

  • Eco-friendly technology: laser labelling eliminates the use of inks, paper and adhesives.
  • Cost-effective alternative to regular stickers
  • Product traceability: a permanent label that becomes identifiable through its entire commercial life to the consumer table.
  • Consumer engagement: it’s possible to etch a QR code on a piece of fruit or vegetable in a flexible and fast way.
  • Safe, contactless branding
  • Eliminate adhesives and inks
  • Reduce the amount of plastic waste

Research has shown again and again that consumers disapprove of unnecessary packaging, especially when it comes to fresh produce.  We encourage you to view this as an opportunity to take an early ride on the innovation train and embrace ‘packaging without packaging’. This might just give you a first mover advantage as consumers watch every move a brand owner makes with packaging.

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