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  • Two new cutting edge innovations in product packaging
  • Fresh Lid keeps food fresh longer and eliminates the need for additional labels
  • Carry Handle Labels offers convenience and a unique point of difference on shelf

Result Group has entered into a new strategic partnership with global packaging innovators, Tadbik.

Tadbik offers innovative products, technological expertise and operational excellence. With over 50 years of experience, Tadbik’s comprehensive packaging solutions meet the challenges of today’s competitive marketplace and demanding consumer.

Of particular interest to fresh food companies is Tadbik’s Fresh Lid product.

Fresh Lid is a new innovation in resealable packaging designed to keep product fresh and ready to use. This unique structure has two laminated layers with a printed design applied to the container base, which enables a reclosable use. Fresh Lid is available in various shapes & sizes and is suitable for vegetables, nuts, sweets, and all ready to eat fruits and bulk products.

Not only does Fresh Lid offer benefits to everyone in the supply chain – manufacturers, distributors, retailers – it offers clear consumer benefits too. So this cutting edge packaging innovation is a win for all. – Result Group GM, Michael Dossor

Fresh Lid can be applied on standard automated packaging lines and eliminates the need for additional self adhesive labels and secondary trace labels by printing and directly onto the film itself. The plastic is fully recyclable and creates a clean visible “window” to view product. The lid itself is lightweight and easy to open & close multiple times whilst keeping the product fresh for longer.  An easily identifiable tamper feature is also available.

Fresh produce is a key area where primary producers currently packing in a clam shell type container are able to move to a base tray only with Freshlid reseal film and simply realize the savings in packaging cost and tick the environmental box with less materials used. The film can be either traditionally hole punched or even laser perforated to manage respiration rates of different produce types.

Another Tadbik innovation now offered by Result Group are Carry Handle Labels.

Carry Handle LabelsCarry Handle Labels are applied to product just like any other packaging label. And they allow a brand owner to include promotional messages just like any other packaging label. However, the one key difference to other packaging labels is they have the dual purpose of forming a carry handle.

Not only does the carry handle offer convenience for all, they create a unique point of difference helping the product cut-through against competitors at point of purchase. Light or heavy products are no issue with various materials and adhesive available to overcome any product package.

Applied automatically by the Herma range of Self Adhesive Labelers available in Results Product Identification division the system is able to be integrated into existing vertical or horizontal flow wrapping machinery as well as applied to the product post forming. Flexible packaging, cartons or any rigid container are no barrier with economical and high speed applicators available for all packaging types.

For product enquiries on either Fresh Lid or Carry Handle Labels, please enquire here or call Michael Dossor on 03 9706 4474.

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