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  • Reseal pack a food packaging first for fresh produce.
  • Rolled out using existing packaging machinery.
  • Infinitely scalable for large or small runs.

When Montague Fresh one of Australia’s largest fresh produce companies established the SOMOMO™ brand the mantra was clear… create a brand that captures the tastes of multiple cultures, which their growers then cultivate and grow in Australia.

While many are not new fruits to Australia, they may not be well recognised or consumed that often. The role of SOMOMO™ is to help the consumer enjoy the taste and to experience the full exotic magic of these fruits.

The first product launched was the Lychee, an evergreen tree reaching 1–2.8M.  The lychee bears fleshy fruits that are up to 5 cm long and 4 cm wide. The outside of the fruit is covered by a pink-red, roughly textured rind that is easily removed to expose a layer of sweet, translucent white flesh.

When it came to the food packaging, the brand needed something different, something bold and design elements reflect this without doubt, but then the question of consumer functionality had an equally important part to play. That’s when Result Group and Montague came together to develop a unique reseal system, never before used in fresh produce.

Somomo food packagingFrom its warm, humid growing climate, lychees are harvested and raced to the fruit retailer. This food packaging maintains humidity and restricts fruit drying when refrigerated at 5°C.

An Australian first, the resealable opening keeps them perfect in the fridge so the product can be enjoyed to the very last lychee.

If a consumer or retailer have to throw away lychees that are spoiled, the resource waste in growing, packaging, transporting and dumping is very significant. The value of the packaging and reseal function offers great product benefits but also ensures the SOMOMO™ brand is always in the consumer’s hand and front of mind.

To find out how simple the process is, please contact Result and we will show you ways – both off line conversion as a packaging material supplied complete, or how we can adapt your existing flow wrapper to cut the film and apply a reseal label.

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