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  • When it’s the easiest to use on the market… YES!
  • When it’s innovatively designed in Germany… YES!
  • When it’s cost of ownership is the best going around… YES!!

The new HERMA E Series combines the durability and efficiency of the larger Herma M Series with the space saving requirements of the compact Herma C Series. The various optional additional modules are designed so that they can be installed and changed quickly, greatly reducing ongoing production costs.
The E series shares a number of components with the M series, including the enclosed, extremely stable and durable stainless steel base, as well as the parts responsible for aligning and stabilising the product. This makes the E series predestined for challenging tasks and high-speed operation.

Based on its design, the 362 E does not need complex protective measures, which means it barely requires more space than the much sleeker, more delicate C series. In real terms, when it comes to markets where high speed and frequent changeover is required, the HERMA E Series stands alone in performance and functionality.

  • Frame:  Flexible assembly is possible thanks to the drilling template in the top panel
  • Conveyor belt:  Length is variable Maximum width: 100 mm
  • Working height:  900 ±50 mm,
  • Product: Height:  50 – 290 mm; maximum diameter: 100 mm
  • Labelling type:  One or two-sided and wrap-around labelling
  • Printer:  Printer integration possible (Hot Foil, TTO or Inkjet)
  • Dispensing system:  Pivot beak or fixed
  • Components:
    • Separator belts
    • Aligner
    • Top belt with height stand
    • Applicators adjustable, 3 axes and 2 inclinations
    • PLC,TouchPanel,
    • Wipe-down station
  • Performance:  Two-side labelling – max. 100 pcs/min. – depending on the product
  • Wrap-around labelling:  max. 70 pcs/min (depending on the product and the label length)
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