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  • High Wet strength – High Opacity
  • Face-stocks designed for the Australian Wine market
  • Excellent results with flexographic, offset and digital printing

HERMA has recently extended its range of self-adhesive materials for wine & spirit bottles, adding two new white papers: HERMAfelt white (grade 313) and HERMAfelt high white (grade 314) to their HERMAexquisite portfolio. Designed especially for the Australian wine market, both are excellent alternatives to the current competitor/market offerings. These high performing labels, are wet-strength, uncoated, textured papers with an exciting tactile feel.

The HERMAfelt high white papers stand up to wet environments and provide excellent wet opacity even after a long time in an ice bucket.  Papers made from this material show no unsightly wet stains, maintaining their clean appearance until the last drop of the bottle.

HERMAfelt high white requires no special barrier coating – this reduces costs for printers. Both materials offer great versatility in the choice of printing methods. Despite the demanding structure of the papers, Flexo and offset printing as well as digital printing create outstanding results.

In both cases, the multi-layer adhesive 62W, which has been developed especially for wine labels, ensures excellent adhesion even under moist conditions – just like in all other materials from the HERMAexquisite portfolio. The 62W, a dispersion adhesive, offers label printers a very good alternative to traditional hotmelt adhesives – with adhesive characteristics that are at least as good, if not far superior processing characteristics. Massive adhesive bleed or very dirty tools are now a thing of the past. Moreover, the adhesive is ISEGA-certified for direct contact with foodstuffs.

With an extensive portfolio comprising a total of 27 products, including textured and moisture-resistant papers as well as coated papers, aluminium papers, and white or transparent films, we are sure we have all your wine labelling needs covered.

As a wine producer, have you ever thought of adding a new ingredient to take the ‘wine to glass’ transparency to the next level with Traceability Technology?   Click here to find out more about our IDlocate authentication platform and how it can assist with authenticating the provenance of your product, tell its story and connect wine consumers to the source like never before.

For more information on the HERMA range of self-adhesive materials and IDlocate, please contact Michael Dossor on 0401 266 118 or Enquire Here.

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