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  • Unique QR code driven
  • Authentication from source to your consumer
  • Boost consumer confidence in your brand

IDlocate is a complete pasture to plate, farm to fork traceability, anti-counterfeit, and consumer engagement platform. Its cloud-based platform enables consumers to verify authenticity, receive brand engagement content, and check recall status every time they scan an individual product.

Available in various platforms from standard to customised versions, brand owners can adopt the technology quickly, test the market and then look to expand the system to a customised system. Up until now the focus was more to export markets, but given recent issues in fresh produce in Australia, would consumers value a tool that tells them information on the product they are purchasing……

Location based product information is sent directly to global consumers, anywhere and anytime in the world.  By simply scanning the unique QR code from each pack, not only is the product verified as authentic, (important for export markets), traceability and marketing content allow the shopper to experience virtual farm or factory tours, usage suggestions such as recipes, purchasing offers and much more.

Build consumer trust by giving them an insight into your supply chain and sharing with them the providence and authenticity of your product.  Let them see your production, the people who make your products, your product quality control and distribution method.  By educating them about your offering you are, in the long-term, building trust to be their brand of choice.

The system also includes a customised dashboard so distribution, marketing and sales teams can track each interaction and scan received right back to an individual product via GPS mapping and contact data.

For additional information contact Michael Dossor on 0401 266 118 or Enquire here.

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