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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management system specialists, The Numina Group have supplied inventory management software for high volume distribution and shipping operations since 1986.  Their systems, software and products combine application know-how, innovation and reliability to eliminate “bottlenecks” and excessive labour.  Our warehouse management system increases efficiency and provides you with a competitive advantage.

warehouse management systemAutomation requires proven inventory management software and technology and that is exactly what you get from The Numina Group.  The RDS (real time distribution) is the foundation for the innovative technology and unsurpassed performance in industry leading products and automation solutions.  RDS is the world’s #1 Linux based warehouse management system proven in 1000’s of demanding installations.  It provides sub mill-second response for control and communication on a rock solid scalable open system platform.

RDS is the most modular, scalable and flexible system on the market with guaranteed performance, reliability and ease of use.  Every warehouse management system supplied includes application specific source code, an unlimited user SQL Database coupled with Web based diagnostics & report viewing tools.  RDS communication modules seamlessly integrate conveyor and automation with SAP, IBM or any other WMS or ERP System.  Its’ proven inventory management software modules lower the cost and risk of automation while protecting your current investment.

Sorting & Conveyor Automation

Numina Group Automated ConveyorWith continued advancements in traditional belt driven conveyors, partnering with a firm that provides seamless conveyor automation solutions is critical. Additionally, the improvements made in the latest generation of 24 VDC conveyors as well as new innovations in automated sorting makes it increasingly important to have right hardware and sorting conveyor technology. The Numina Group can offer the high-speed automated sorting and conveyor solutions to efficiently streamline distribution and advance your warehouse management system beyond the competition.

The Numina Group’s warehouse sortation systems are especially designed to meet the growing demand for both large and small order sizes, high shipping accuracy and more frequent shipments. In addition, our high speed sortation automation solutions offer increased productivity, reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction. Streamline distribution processes and warehouse management system with The Numina Group.

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