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  • Sleeve and any label combination – one machine
  • Tray and thermoform – one machine
  • Full price/weigh and traceability solution

In 2015, Greenham & Sons came to Result Group with a fairly common manufacturing challenge.  Their processing speed far outweighed their ability to label products. Now a multi-million dollar meat processing business, Greenham were ready to upgrade their labelling system but just needed direction on the best equipment to do so.

Result Group recommended the HERMA multi-purpose Meat Tray Label and Sleeve Applicator.

MeatGreenham production manager Michael White is extremely happy with the result of the applicator installation.  Michael states “The move from hand to automatic label application has effectively quadrupled our through put of beef products. Previously our production limitation was the label application step, but now because of the automatic HERMA label applicator we are more than keeping up with the speed of product processing.”

A key benefit to Greenham of the HERMA Applicator is its versatility. A number of different product sizes and meat shapes can be put through this single labelling machine.

This sophisticated piece of equipment also weighs every item so the labels not only include the exact weight of each individual pack, they can include the retail price based on the pre-set price per kilo. For Greenham, this results in shelf ready products before they’ve even left the plant.

The electronic weight functionality also results in the automatic rejection of packs outside of spec. So if a pack is under or over weight it is not put through. This removes the need for the meat to be weighed by hand while processing and therefore creates efficiencies and speeds up the entire processing stage.

The HERMA multi-purpose Meat Tray Label and Sleeve Applicator prints both barcodes and QR codes on the labels for Greenham. And is also able to top and bottom label products in one pass with excellent accuracy – ideal for traceability and multi-lingual labelling for export markets. A consumer in China can not only check if it’s an authentic Aussie product, but also see exactly which paddock in Tassie their tasty steak came from…

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