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  • Laser marking for applications thought impossible
  • Full range of CO², Fibre and YAG Lasers
  • Remove consumables from your business

Macsa ID, a major player in the global laser coding market, offers a strong suite of laser coding and marking equipment, designed for a plethora of applications.  Let’s get to the point, remove the ink and the environmental footprint is unsurpassed.

With the broadest range of laser coding and marking equipment in its industry and, the only supplier with strong positions in both the packaged goods and ‘industrial’ markets, Macsa is sure to have a laser for any application conceivable.

macsa_ICON-water-bottle-marking-horzLaser markers are often seen as a more expensive alternative to established technologies however, this isn’t necessarily true. Whilst the initial outlay for a laser marker may be higher, the trade-off is that without the need for consumables, significant savings are achieved over the life of the unit.  This is ideal for high-volume production environments where the coder is likely to run continuously with minimal downtime.

A key benefit of laser technology is that it creates permanent marks on the surface of the product, making it the ideal marking option for products that require traceability no matter what the packaging substrate or how old or worn the a component part is.  Cartons, film, cans or containers (metal or plastic), cables, sheet metal, fibre optic components, textiles, automotive parts and medical equipment are some areas where this cost-effective technology can be implemented with excellent, long-lasting results.

Lasers also produce very high quality markings. Logos and graphics, such as international standards symbols, can be coded onto the product alongside bar codes, QR and Data Matrix codes and alphanumeric text. This makes it ideal for numerous applications ranging from the coding of delicate egg shells to wine barrel engraving, textile material marking and coding of food and beverage packaging to name but a few options.

The holder of many international patents, Macsa ID made numerous important advances in the laser marking industry via the development of its own technology. No matter what the application, you can rest assured that a Macsa laser will produce quality marking, every time, all the time.

To find out why Macsa’s lasers outsmart the more established coding and marking technologies in terms of cost of ownership, ease of use and performance, contact us on 03 9706 4474 or Enquire Here for more information.

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