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Macsa id, has announced the expansion of its iCON laser range to incorporate the entry-level iCON 3 small character coding laser.  Developed as an economical alternative to inkjet printing, the iCON 3 delivers several benefits in terms of user-friendliness, performance, return on investment and sustainability.

“Laser markers are often seen as a more expensive alternative to established technologies however, this isn’t necessarily true,” said Paul Irwin, National Sales Manager of Result Group.  “Whilst the initial outlay for a laser marker may be higher, the trade-off is that without the need for consumables and low maintenance costs, significant savings are achieved over the life of the unit. And, by removing the ink and solvents, an unsurpassed level of environmental benefits is achieved,” said Paul Irwin.

To make iCON 3 more competitive in the market, Macsa introduced several engineering workarounds to the system. These include a new touch screen with updated software, integrated Wizard-assist with simple configurations and easy to set up and use templates for reporting.  Moreover, inexperienced operators are supported and guided via on-demand online video tutorials.

Laser codingTraditionally, laser technology has been most suited for high-volume applications. However, thanks to Macsa’s iCON 3 release, laser coding is now also a cost-effective solution for lower-volume manufacturers.

“Laser coding shouldn’t be solely for those with big budgets, it needs to be accessible so all companies – from start-ups to big manufacturers – can benefit from the high productivity and environmental advantages the iCON 3 and the entire Macsa range provides,” said Michael Dossor, Group General Manager of Result Group.

Compact and lightweight, iCON 3 is easy to position on packing lines, even in tight spaces, and can mark in various orientations.  The powerful hardware and innovative software enable the iCON 3 to reach the high-speed requirements of most production lines, delivering clear codes even at small sizes.  The iCON 3 laser coder is the ideal option for those seeking a coding solution that offers marking flexibility and durability, a significantly reduced environmental footprint (when compared with an inkjet), and a great return on investment.

Macsa id set the standard for laser coding in small character applications some years ago when it launched the iCON range and, with the iCON 3 it has raised the bar even higher. Cartons, film and containers are some areas where the cost-effective iCON 3 laser can be implemented with excellent, long-lasting results.

The iCON 3 laser coder offers any-orientation coding alongside touch-screen control, low maintenance costs and zero consumables – providing an affordable and sustainable solution compared to other products on the market.

For more information on Macsa’s range of laser coders, please contact us +61 3 9706 4474 or enquire here.

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