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Put simply, adding export food labels to domestic products saves time and opens opportunities for increased sales.

Over the years our customers have experienced export markets created quickly because of our ability to convert an existing product to an export ready one by simply adding export food labels.

In this service orientated part of our business, film is supplied to us in a roll fed or packaging in lay flat format.  The film or packaging is placed onto a custom built handling system and passed under a label applicator to have a self-adhesive food label applied in perfect register to ensure all product information meets the local legislative requirements of the export market.  Importer information can also be easily added to the food labels, as well as specific statements required for the market the product is being exported to.

Time is saved, markets are accessed quickly and weeks become days to turn around your product thanks to our export food labels.

No matter how sophisticated your QC procedures are for checking food labels sometimes a mistake is made.  It may be as subtle as a decimal place in the wrong place or the omission of a regulatory statement however, as with food labels, if it’s a product for human consumption it has to be 100%. The extension of Export Labelling is Corrective Labelling.

In the past product launches have been delayed or even worse shelf space lost because of inaccurate food labels. That’s where Result Group’s Overlabelling services save the day and, in turn, much needed revenue and profit.

Result’s years of experience in food labels have been delivered to some of the world’s largest FMCG companies, with no change to current production methods required and no drop in line efficiencies encountered. The value of this service delivers results to our customers bottom line in increased sales based on new markets being created.

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