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EcoMark Laser Systems- Natural Branding for Fresh Produce

Laser marking fruit and vegetables with EcoMark

Laser technology may not sound natural. Nevertheless, the EcoMark CO2 laser machines are the ideal way to brand organic fruits and organic vegetables for sale in supermarkets. Why? Because EcoMark Natural Branding removes only a micrometre-deep layer of the fruit or vegetable peel. The laser beam remains so close to the surface that fruit and vegetables are completely intact beneath their skin or peel. Shelf life is 100 per cent guaranteed. The natural flavour is also retained. And consumers can simply remove or eat the branding with the skin or peel. Moreover, the EcoMark branding works without additives.

A highlight of EcoMark Natural Branding is its on-the-fly technology. Coordinated control software can put into effect practically any branding of items. Labels can be modified with just a few clicks. And because it can even brand citrus fruits, we are taking Natural Branding into a new dimension in several respects.

EcoMark Natural Fruit Branding

Lasering food with EcoMark

Various different foods such as bread, eggs and cheese can be labelled and decorated using lasers. The laser marking is durable and abrasion-resistant and can be applied to the food fully automatically and without long set-up times.

Regardless of the complexity of coding to be marked on the product – barcodes, shapes, numbers and text – the different requirements can be implemented with a laser machine. Lasering with EcoMark is ideal for short-term special editions or to label seasonal products.

EcoMark Laser Marking on Foodstuff

The EcoMark Natural Branding Machine

The machines of the NB Series re constructed on the basis of a modular system.  Objects are branded ‘on the fly’, without stopping.  During this process the products can be placed either separately or in finished packages such as boxes.  The camera automatically identifies the position and alignment of the products and after a couple of milliseconds the information is transferred to the laser unit to brand each product according to pre-set criteria and specifications.



EcoMark Natural Branding Machine

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