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Rotary High Speed – Gernep Labellers

The GERNEP rotary labeller family covers all standard and custom equipment requirements in the beverage , food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries with the most diverse possibilities.  German traditional engineering excellence offering Self Adhesive, Roll Fed and Cut & Stack, the GERNEP labelling machine concept offers maximum flexibility for optimal cost effectiveness and variability in labelling.



GERNEP SOLUTA – Self Adhesive Labelling

The ultimate rotary labeller for self-adhesive labels from the roll.  This flexible machine allows for labelling of various containers (glass, PET, plastic and metal) with up to 8 labelling heads.  High label adhesion and optimised label stretching reduces the risk of wrinkles and bubbles resulting in an attractive ‘no-label’ look, delivered via HERMA 400 servo driven label heads.




GERNEP ROLLFED – Wrap Around Labelling

ROLLFED uses novel patented hot melt gluing technology for wrap around labelling of containers with the price advantage of film labels from the roll (including paper and foil labels).  With ROLLFED, the hot melt aggregate is autonomous, meaning that all functions such as heating zones, glue temperatures and glue dosing can be pre-programmed whilst being easily displayed.




GERNEP LABETTA/ R – Cut & Stack 

The LABETTA is a high speed rotary labeller designed for both wet glue and self adhesive labelling.  Due to its wet glue aggregate that has been tried and tested over many years, the GERNEP LABETTA makes use of all the advantages of traditional cold gluing of cut paper labels from the label magazine.  This labeller can be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted for various bottle designs.



GERNEP ROLLINA / R – Wrap Around Labelling

The ROLLINA has been specially designed for economical wrap-around labelling of containers made from glass, plastic and metal.  The hot melt labelling with pre-cut labels operates without complicated roller gluing.  As well as hot melt labelling from the magazine, because of its mordern, operator friendly round design, the ROLLINA can be equipped with other aggregates for wet glue and /or self-adhesive labelling as the ROLLINA R version.



GERNEP COMBI – Variable for all types of glue

Utilizing compact design for tight spaces, the GERNEP COMBI is the perfect combined machine for frequent label and container changes.  It combines any or all pressure sensitive / hot melt / wet glue all on one machine, easily servicing the multitude demands of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. With the GERNEP COMBI we offer filling and final packaging operators requiring frequent container and labelling changes as well as contract fillers all the possibilities of labelling the most varied glass, plastic and aluminium with one machine in a confined space.


GERNEP CUPBLOCK – Cup Labelling  

The AMG Cupline is designed for rational and flexible labelling of many different cups with self-adhesive labels from the roll.  The heart of the system, the labelling station, is supplemented by an automatic de-stacking and stacking station. This means that continuous labelling of single to multi-piece contoured cups is possible for the first time.  With CUPBLOCK, stock keeping is minimised since production can also take place “just in time” with this system if required.

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