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  • Resealable packaging, a first for fresh produce
  • Ultimate in tamper evidence
  • Infinitely scalable for large or small runs

The recent strawberry sabotage situation shows us all how packaging formats are so important when it comes to product integrity. How can a primary producer / grower / contract packer overcome the public concern about purchasing deliberately contaminated products?  Tamper-evident resealable packaging might be the answer. Compared to current clam shell packs lidding film is a secure solution.

Fresh Lid is a 100% recyclable multilayer lidding film with a re-closable function that keeps your products fresh for longer. Already a multiple award winning product in Australia for its application to grapes packaging, Fresh Lid delivers reliable product protection, use after use, portion after portion.  In fact, with Fresh Lid you can rest assured that the window of opportunity to tamper is minimised. Once sealed, the fully enclosed packaging with tamper evident features will enable a consumer to instantly identify if a product has been opened prior to purchase. Keep your products safe, gain consumer confidence in your brand, standout in shelf-presence and reduce loss rates at retail and distribution level with Fresh Lid.

Fresh Lid can be applied on standard automated packaging lines and eliminates the need for additional self-adhesive labels and secondary trace labels by printing directly onto the film itself. The laminate film is fully recyclable and creates a clean visible “window” to view the product. The lid itself is lightweight and easy to open & close multiple times whilst keeping the product fresh for longer.  An anti-fog is available for chilled packs and an easily identifiable tamper feature with no throw away or secondary pieces is also available.

Fresh Lid’s structure has two laminated layers with a printed design applied to the container base which enables a re-closable use.  Available in various shapes and sizes, the packaging is suitable for fruits and vegetables, nuts, herbs and sweets.

For fresh produce, primary producers currently packing in a clam shell-type container are able to move to a base tray only with the reseal film, saving on packaging costs and using fewer materials.  The film can be either macro punched or laser perforated to manage respiration rates of different produce types and extend the life of your produce.  A longer shelf life gives consumers a larger window to consume the product and drives food waste reduction in family homes.

For more information contact Michael Dossor on 0401 266 118 or Enquire here.

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