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  • Resealable packaging that keeps food fresher for longer…much longer
  • Ultimate in tamper evidence
  • Infinitely scalable for large or small runs

Let’s face it, most of us have an appetite for wanting to know that brands are doing their best in the area of sustainability. Producing sustainable packaging is an area that is closely aligned with Result Group’s own sustainability goals and corporate social responsibility.

Not long ago, Result Group was challenged to deliver packaging for table grapes that was user friendly, improved shelf life, protected the product from damage and spoilage, improved overall sustainability and reduced product waste.  We managed to meet the brief (and win a few awards along the way) by utilizing Fresh Lid reclosable film.  Fresh Lid more than doubled the shelf-life of grapes resulting in an increased consumption window and a reduction of food waste. 

So, can an already great product be even better? The answer is Yes. With innovation as our mandate, we have developed Fresh Lid 2.0, a re-closable laminated film structure designed to slow respiration and ageing processes of fresh produce via a new technique called Environmental Modified Atmosphere Packaging (EMAP). 

Traditional Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) uses some form of gas flushing at the filling stage of production with a mix of usually nitrogen inserted into the pack before sealing. Environmental Modified Atmosphere Packaging uses materials that are produced with all natural additives to let the packaging itself do the work without the need of specialist processes or additional gases to be used. 

What sets Fresh Lid 2.0 apart from any other lidding film on the market is the ability to regenerate the MAP mechanism every time the film is resealed thus continuing food quality preservation after the first open. The pack itself becomes truly functional in its ability to be not only easy to open and reclose, but also in further extending shelf life whilst reducing food waste. 

This unique lidding film technology allows consumers to enjoy their food across multiple servings by peeling and resealing the packaging without the product losing its taste, texture or appearance despite repetitive openings.  Moreover, it allows primary producers of fresh food goods to overcome common challenges in lengthy supply chains when it comes to preserving and extending fresh produce shelf-life, flavour and aesthetics.

In fact, Fresh Lid 2.0 offers a number of distinct advantages including:

– tamper-evident resealable packaging with anti-fog properties that delivers reliable product protection, use after use, portion after portion

– 100% recyclable lidding that easily facilitates household kerbside recycling

– food is kept fresh for longer.  A longer shelf life gives consumers a larger window to consume the product and drives food waste reduction in family homes.

– can be applied on standard automated packaging lines thus eliminating the need for additional self-adhesive labels and secondary trace labels by printing directly onto the film itself.

– primary producers of fresh food currently packing in a clam shell-type container are able to move to a base tray only with the reseal film, saving on packaging costs and using fewer materials. 

– food product remains safe and maintains its desired harvest/production quality throughout the storage period.

– improved sanitation by reducing possibilities of contamination of the food product during handling.

– facilitation of brand identification

For more information, on Fresh Lid 2.0 please Enquire here.

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