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Result Group, has joined GS1 Australia as a Strategic Alliance Partner to help drive its growth in the Australian market.


Result has positioned itself to lead the smart packaging revolution in Australia with the launch of a number of digital technologies enabling cross-industry solutions including brand authentication, counterfeiting, track and trace monitoring and consumer engaging content.


“Our digital technologies help brands connect the dots between full visibility into their supply chains and the use of real-time consumer data analytics to achieve sustainability goals and inform marketing strategies. With product digitization and GS1 Digital link, brands have a scalable, future-proof solution to deliver direct to consumer experiences, transparency and proof of brand integrity,” said Michael Dossor, Result Group General Manager.


“GS1 Australia is excited to welcome Result Group to the Alliance Partner Program. The Result Group brings a number of key products to our members through print, machinery and materials.


“Another great aspect of this relationship is the Result Group’s drive for innovation including transforming a brand’s packaging into intelligent digital identifiers through the use of the GS1 Digital Link standard.


“Michael Dossor has over 30 years of experience in the packaging industry and is currently representing this industry across various working groups including the Traceability Solution Provider Special Interest Group (SP-SIG) as Co-Chair,” said Peter Davenport, Alliances Manager for GS1.


Through the formal partnership, which commenced in February, Result Group will be visible to a wide range of industries, in particular food and beverage where the need for traceability and focus on food safety has never been stronger.

Original article published by GS1 Australia here.

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