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  • Rotary Labellers designed for high speed, high precision self-adhesive labelling
  • Modular labellers that deliver high-quality output
  • High variety of product orientation methods

Result Group has partnered with German labelling machine manufacturer giant Gernep Group to bring the best tailor made labelling machines to the Australian market.

This partnership shows the importance and power of combined expertise between two leading figures in the industry. Easily servicing the multitude of demands from the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries, Gernep’s Rotary Labelling machines are perfect for high speed tasks requiring frequent label and container changes.  Thanks to the modular design of the machines, the user can easily and efficiently combine any or all pressure sensitive/hot melt/wet glue on the one machine.

The Gernep Rotary Labelling machine portfolio includes:

SOLUTA – allows up to 8 labelling aggregates with self-adhesive labels from the roll. Optimised label stretching reduces the risk of wrinkles and bubbles and high label adhesion results in an attractive ‘no-label’ look.

ROLLFED – uses novel patented hot melt gluing technology for wrap around labelling of containers with the price advantage of film labels from a roll.

LABETTA / LABETTA R – a high-speed rotary labeller designed for both wet glue and self-adhesive labelling. This labeller is exceptionally reliable for cold glue label application, even under extreme production conditions such as 24-hour operation and high temperatures. The Labetta labelling system can be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted for various bottle designs.

ROLLINA / ROLLINA R – developed for economical wrap around labelling of glass, plastic and metal containers of various shapes and forms.  The machine works continuously with easy handling and a minimum of operating costs. Changeover to other containers and label formats is quick. Can also be equipped with other aggregates for wet glue and/or self-adhesive labelling.

Clear, ergonomic controls provide for problem free operation of all Gernep labelling machines. Modern servo motors ensure exceptionally smooth running even at high cycling speeds.  The intelligent label tracking and tension roller system allows for accurate tracking through to transfer.

The reduced glue usage and minimised cleaning times resulting from contact-free gluing means that a Gernep Rotary Labelling machine is the economical answer to the increasing labelling demands in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Result Group is able to provide labelling machines that are customer-specific, one-off productions that are designed specifically for the customer’s respective labelling request.  Starting with the customer-specific design, the choice of high quality, long lasting materials, quality assured production and seamless after sales service, each Gernep labelling machine is representative of precision machine construction that is ‘Made in Germany.’

Offering German precision machine construction, the Gernep labelling machine is the perfect solution for tomorrow’s labelling requirements.

For more information please contact Graeme Robinson  on 0437 615 212 or Enquire Here.

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