Sustainable Packaging

‘Result Group is committed to being a sustainable company and harnessing our culture of innovation to foster a better world. Our main goal is to improve how we use packaging materials to reduce our environmental impact while still meeting our business objectives and our customers’ expectations.’

Through our range of comprehensive equipment and materials, we are helping the packaging industry and our customers make strides towards a more sustainable product now and in the future.  We are always rethinking the design of a product and looking at offering packaging alternatives such as more sustainable materials and designs.

Our comprehensive list of sustainable packaging options include:

Sustainable Self-Adhesive Materials from HERMA
  • Compostable Label stock
  • Wash-off adhesive used with PET, PE and PP bottles promotes recycling
  • Wash off adhesive for return logistics
  • Recycled label stock from post consumer recycled (PCR) materials
  • Materials manufactured entirely from recycled materials
  • Materials made from grass paper
  • Linerless labelling stock
  • Lightweight labelling stock saves costs, space and resources


Click here to download HERMA Re-think Brochure for sustainable label stock

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