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  • Servo-driven controller for unparalleled accuracy even at high speeds
  • Easy to use, future proof system
  • Simple, tamper proof labeller

In light of the recent strawberry sabotage situation, the entire agricultural industry now faces the Herculean task of seeking to protect their products against vindictive tampering. Unfortunately, the time has come for tamper evident packaging to be the rigueur on all products that are consumed or come into contact with our bodies.  Fortunately, at Result we have many cost effective, reliable and efficient solutions to achieve maximum security. One such solution comes via HERMA’s C Series of anti-tampering label applicators.

The HERMA C Series of labellers can apply a top, bottom and a C-Wrap type label on most packages with the capability of labelling up to 80 units per minute.

As well as giving greatly enhanced pack presentation, the HERMA C series of labellers also offers increased product security. The self-adhesive properties of the three-panel label applied to the tray by the HERMA 752C labeller, as well as the in-built tamper evident perforations ensure that packaging cannot be tampered with prior to the product leaving the store.

Using the HERMA 400 servo-driven label applicator, the HERMA C series of labelling machines enable application of labels with unsurpassed accuracy whilst delivering a consistent labelling result every time.

The simple design of the C Series labelling machines allows for easy integration into existing production lines. A thermal transfer printing unit can be easily integrated in order to print variable data from an upstream check weigher and a metal detector can also be incorporated to ensure the safety and integrity of your products.  With a wide range of useful accessories, the HERMA C Series of labelling machines may well be the most versatile and economic labelling systems available.

For more information on HERMA labellers or guidance on the selection of an appropriate ‘anti-tampering’ feature suitable for your application and budget please contact Graeme Robinson on 0437 615 212 or Enquire here.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of tamper proof labelling using the HERMA 752C label applicator.

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