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Film Cut & Label

resealWith the Film Cut & Label method of producing reseal packaging, a roll fed film is either presented to a rotary type tool or electromechanical punching system and the film is either cut or perforated. With register totally controlled to the millimetre a self-adhesive label is applied over the opening to create a peel back reseal device.

Simple in concept, low in cost and using far less material than any mechanical based reclose, this form of reseal packaging keeps your branding in a consumers’ hands and supports an ageing population as it just simple to use.

Able to be built in as part of the raw material supply, film (existing or new designs) is supplied to Result and the entire production process is performed in our plant.

Warranted to be fit for purpose, approved for food grade use and operate 100% of the time, this is of great benefit when a new concept is being trialled in market or when a process limits the use of in line application.

resealAdaptability into an existing process is also not nearly as complicated as it may seem. Using an in line, web based Servo driven self adhesive applicator, coupled with either a electromechanical punching unit or rotary tool, the same process can also be integrated into any brand or model of vertical or horizontal flow wrapper. Likewise reseal lidding films can also have the function added in the same way. This becomes a very cost effective way of delivering a reseal or reclose system to consumers.

Of real value is the effect on the current production efficiencies – there is NONE! Reseal labels are set up to be changed quickly and easily, just like the roll of film and given an independent and uncomplicated operation the manufacturing process runs as normal.



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