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Peelwrap is 100% guaranteed to make your product packaging easy to open. Providing easy open convenience and product protection, Peelwrap is available for both shrink and non-shrink applications. The Peelwrap material is a pressure sensitive tape with a dry edge that the consumer uses as a convenient grip area to pull down and open the wrapped package.

product packagingThe Peelwrap system is ideal for consumers opening shrinkwrapped product packaging and professionals opening product packaging with gloved hands. The Peelwrap applicator perforates the packaging film and applies the Peelwrap material over the perforation (completely sealing the package), creating the easy open feature. The applicator utilises a smooth rotary design providing high speed, efficiency and durability.


product packagingShrinktape is a narrow width, self-wound, pressure sensitive tape that is ideal for many diverse product packaging applications.  It’s unique tab provides an intuitive easy opening feature. Shrinktape’s high initial tack adhesive needs only light pressure to ensure perfect bonding to the shrink film.

The Shrinktape applicator retrofits to new or existing wrappers and applies the Shrinktape to the film. Shrinktape application equipment is designed and built to provide affordability, flexibility, and ease of operation.


Teartape is a narrow, self-wound pressure sensitive for flexible film overwrapped packages. It’s high initial tack needs only light pressure to ensure perfect bonding. The full-width adhesive coating provides 100% adhesion on all overwrap films. Teartape is manufactured to be compatible with the seal layer of your packaging film.product packaging

Teartape can be used on low to high speed flexible film overwrapping equipment and flow wrappers. It can be used individually, or in conjunction with a reclosable option to provide an easy open product packaging feature. The availability of custom colours and widths makes Teartape an ideal choice for the colourcoding of medical and other devices.

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