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  • Less plastic than zipper
  • Reduce packaging film (68% reduction in plastic)
  • More cost-effective than any other closure

Sustainability, a word so often used in packaging but seldom applied efficiently.  It is on the list of consumer desires, but they don’t want to pay for it, and neither do you.  However, what if we told you there are a few very easy, cost effective and proven methods to deliver a more sustainable packaging via flexible packaging? Flexible packaging takes less energy, generates less emissions, requires fewer trucks to transport (less fuel, less emissions), and reduces spoilage and waste.

Utilizing light-weighting, maintaining freshness, introducing packaging where there was none and replacing pre-applied zipper rollstock with Sealstrip’s Peel & Seal and FreshPak tape closures are smart and cost effective ways to not only create a sustainable product, but earn you extra revenue.

Freshpack-product-pic-close-upYou’ll love FreshPak and Peel & Seal because with the retrofit applicators there is no need to change your wrapper as it fits on any horizontal or vertical Form Fill and seal machine. Furthermore, the pressure sensitive tapes are the most cost effective type of reclose fixture, runing at your line speed. They maintain package barrier properties and require no additional packaging film. In fact, you will be achieving a 68% reduction in plastic usage by switching from zipper to Peel&Seal / FreshPak. Moreover, you’re guaranteed a 28%-30% increase in production speeds, thus increasing throughput through better utilization of equipment and resources whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Sealstrip produces Peel & Seal and FreshPak, pressure-sensitive tape closures similar to a zipper that run as part of a flexible bag when the package is formed. Sealstrip’s packaging options are used by household brands around the world with applications including shelf stable foods, refrigerated / frozen foods and fresh produce such as salad bags. The airtight seal keeps food from going stale, so customers can store it for longer.

Consumers love FreshPak because it is easy to use, tamper evident and there are no tracks to line up! By simply pulling the convenient grip area of the FreshPak tape, the package is opened full width. The consumer simply presses the FreshPak tape to reseal the package, keeping the product fresh!

With Peel&Seal, after opening the package, the consumer reseals the package by peeling the Peel&Seal tape away from the top of the bag, rolling the bag closed and sealing it down with the tape. As the product is used, the package rolls down further, resulting in a bag with less air, resealing with fresh tape, keeping the product fresh longer with a more compact bag for storage, and providing a visual trigger to buy more!

The FAO has reported that one third of all food waste around the world comes from storage! But how can an engineer, marketer, or brand owner help what consumers throw away? Well, they can’t be in the home of every consumer, but our packaging can!

Pack functionality is not complicated when the right focus and expertise is applied, and we would be only too pleased to show you how it’s done. For more information, contact Michael Dossor or Enquire Here.

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