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  • Don’t re-print…overlabel / overprint
  • Don’t throw it away
  • Keep packaging costs under control

The country of origin labelling regime that came into effect on the 1st of July requires Australian food manufacturers and importers to clearly identify where products are produced, grown, made or packed. Have you taken the necessary steps to ensure compliance to the new labelling requirements? Do you still have packaging on the warehouse racks about to go to landfill?

If you haven’t or if you do, Result provides an Overprinting and Overlabelling service which has proven to be a cost effective solution in reclaiming the packaging and saving waste. Overprinting is just as the name suggests. We use high resolution inkjet or other variable coding technologies to add information to the packaging film.

Overlabelling refers to the creation of a simple sticker containing all of the required label information for placement on the existing product’s label. If you hold packaging materials, labels or film – in fact, anything in a roll format where part of or all of the printed information has changed, there is no need to reprint when a cover-up label can be applied thus enabling you to use up your stock and save you money at the same time…. Did we mention saving the landfill!

Whether re-branding your existing product, adding special offer labels, changing barcodes or updating nutritional panels and ingredients lists, you can be sure that we have the equipment and people to ensure that your labelling needs are covered, regardless of whether the product is a box, tin, jar, bag or flat sheet.

Importing from overseas? Bringing foreign labels up to Australian standards can also be fast and easy with over-label stickers.

Exporting overseas? To ensure that your products are compliant for exporting we can over label & inkjet code to ensure they are. We can supply and print labels in house as well as re-wrap or re-box them.

Backed by our technical management team we go the extra mile to help you get the labels you need, on time and within your budget. Contact us to find out how we can assist you save money or Enquire Here for further information on our labelling and over labelling services.

Our Overlabelling services are perfect for:

Adding Australian Made Legislative information; Bar-coding imported stock; Over-labelling for export; Adding price or Special Offer labels; Re-branding exercises; Re-labelling imported goods

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