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self adhesive label stock

Result Materials delivers the most innovative range of self adhesive label stock for printers of self adhesive labels.  Working exclusively with HERMA, the pioneers in multi-layer adhesive coating and global experts in self adhesive label stock, we offer our customers the ability to use a range of self adhesive label stock that print faster and have a wider scope of use than any other.  Sometimes viewed as a commodity product, but also with a range of specialty materials, we have saved our customers significantly in ongoing purchases of self adhesive label stock, while delivering higher quality products.

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HERMA Self Adhesive Label Stock

Anyone who can develop an idea to perfection from its beginnings earns some respect.  This is why HERMA is internationally recognised as one of the leading specialists in the technology behind self adhesive label stock.  With a comprehensive range of know-how in the manufacture of self adhesive label stock to complement their label applicator division.

self adhesive label stock      self adhesive label stock

The range includes:

  • Coated Papers
  • Uncoated Papers
  • Coloured Papers
  • Thermal Papers
  • Copy and Laser Materials
  • Synthetic Stock
  • Speciality Materials
  • Wine Materials
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials

self adhesive label stock

Multi-layer coating technology The use of multi-layer coating technology offers benefits never before available to label printers and converters.  Acrylic adhesives being used in place of more traditional hot melt glue, where performance is greater and printing processes improved, is a massive benefit to any label printer.

Label Material   A broad range of standard papers and films are available for self adhesive labels – conventional or digital label printing processes.  Suitable for individual requirements and special applications.

Adhesives   You will find a suitable adhesive for every type of self adhesive label.  Based on acrylic-dispersion, hot melt glue or UV-cured adhesives. From permanent and semi-permanent adhesives to residue- free adhesives.  All HERMA adhesives are solvent-free.

Release Liner HERMA Glassine and Kraft Papers offer the ideal properties for processing on all typical flat bed and rotary die cutting machines.  They can be used for label applicators with optical or mechanical scanning.

Take our self adhesive labels range, then add quality guaranteed greater than any other material available and you have value far in excess of your current materials.


Rethink and look for sustainable HERMA alternatives

If the life span of every product is perceived as a continuous cycle, appropriate decisions in the interests of maximising sustainability already have to be made when selecting the raw and input materials for every step in the production and finishing chain. HERMA’s innovative adhesive materials give your production team this option right from the start. It’s therefore likely that you can adopt a new approach much more often than you think, and prompt a positive change in favour of the three R’s – recycle, reduce, renew – with your own products.

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