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Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Overprinting

Allen Coding Systems were one of the original developers of thermal transfer overprinter technology, and have never stopped investing in R&D making the brand so successful and extracting the maximum in performance from the technology.

Thermal transfer overprinters with widths from 53mm to a massive 300mm in a single head format, to multi head systems of up to 10 printheads across all available from a single source supplier means a standardised production floor and simply less headaches. Allen are the only supplier to have mastered all formats of thermal transfer printing.

Integration with host capital equipment is made simple with all manner of mounting systems and communication protocols. Vertical and horizontal flow wrappers, label applicators, carton erectors are just some of the systems where Allen Thermal Transfer Printers can be mounted.

The thermal overprinter range starts with the XL5000 Series printing an area of 53mm x 80mm (intermittent) & 53mm x 300mm (continuous), extends to the NGT Series starting at the 2 inches, then progressing to 4, 6 and 8 inch wide unit.  Gone are the days of using two printers on one product, with the MLi Series multiple head print system up to 810mm wide variable print can be included on the front and back of your product.

NGT Series                                                                            XL5000 Series                                                                               MLi Series

thermal printer…………thermal printer…………………………..    thermal printer

Allen XL5000

An ideal solution for most applications in consumer-packaged goods, the Allen XL5000 thermal transfer printer’s compact, industrial design is compatible with popular frame sizes. Extended uptime makes the Allen XL5000 a versatile printer for web and foil printing applications.

Allen NGT2+ / NGT 4+ / NGT6+ & 6e / NGT8+ & 8e

The Allen NGT2+/NGT4+/NGT6+NGT8+ Thermal Transfer Overprinter Series offers the advantage of high speed printing at the best print quality with an intermittent print area of 2.1” x 3” / 4.2” x 3.5”/ 6.3” x 6.1” /  8.4” x 3.9” and a continuous print area of 2.1” x 39”/ 4.2” x 39”/ 6.3” x 39” /  8.4” x 39” with the added benefit of an integrated controller.

MLi Series

The innovative Allen MLi-TE provides a comprehensive all-in-one coding solution for applications that require multiple lanes of print. Contact us today to discover which system best meets your application needs.

State of the Art – Unique print head technology means longer life and better performance even in the most rugged of environments.

Ribbon Control and Save – Programmable to the smallest of margins, this feature ensures consumable ribbon is not wasted between prints and you only use what you need to.

Superior Connectivity – Serial, Ethernet, USB or control on board. Information can be easily extracted from ERP systems and downloaded directly to the printer. The options for control are endless.

Quick Ribbon Change – The patented Quick Release Spent Ribbon system may sound complicated, but in fact it’s a very simple change over system that ensure maximum machine up time.

Thermal Transfer Overprinting equipment is commonly used to create:

Date & Batch Codes   NIP & Ingredients   2-Dimensional & QR Codes   

Text Information    Symbols & Logos   Unique Codes   Security Printing

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