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Wash-off Adhesives

HERMA Wash-off adhesives are characterized by their reliable adhesive force – even in cool and humid environments – and can still be washed off residue-free in industrial cleaning processes. 

HERMA offers solutions for reusable boxes and containers as well as products that are optimally tailored to the recycling of plastic bottles and packaging. In the cleaning process, the HERMA labels are removed from reusable trays or reusable trays in food and plant logistics using water, high pressure and with the help of highly effective cleaning agents. Furthermore, HERMA Wash-off adhesives enable very pure recyclate to be produced when recycling PET bottles or PET, PE and PP packaging, without any annoying residues from paper or film labels or without adhesive residues.


Wash-off Adhesive for PET  Bottles

From bottle to bottle: on course for closed-loop PET recycling
  • With its wash-off adhesive 62Rpw, HERMA allows high-purity pellets to be recovered from PET bottles
  • During conventional washing, the adhesive and label materials are removed from the bottles without leaving any residue
  • The adhesive 62Rpw is certified by the institute cyclos-HTP to have no negative effects on the recycling path for transparent PET bottles according to the requirements and assessment catalogue* (* certification is valid for selected facestock/62Rpw combinations)

Download Wash-off Adhesive 62Rpw Datasheet


Wash-off Adhesive for PET / PE / PP packaging

As good as new: a second (and third) lease of life
  • The PET material is too precious to be incinerated after use; The PET flakes and labels have to be cleanly separated for this purpose and it’s easy with the wash-off adhesives 62Rpw, 62P and 52W
  • To facilitate the recovery of PP pellets that are as pure as possible, the adhesives 62Rpw, 62P and 52W allow labels to be washed off cleanly.
  • With a 30% market share, PE is not only the most widely used plastic worldwide, but also especially suitable for recycling – retaining the original functionality
  • To allow used shampoo bottles to become new ones, it is essential that all integrated materials are separated. Film labels can be washed off residue-free with the wash-off adhesive 62Rpw and 52W.

Download Wash-off Adhesive 62P Datasheet

Download Wash-off Adhesive 62Rpw Datasheet



Wash-off Adhesive for Fresh Produce Logistics

Strong adhesion and easy wash-off 
  • Multiple-use schemes for fresh produce packaging operate better and all the more efficiently when the labels are easy to remove
  • Because trays are often exposed to damp and cool environments, however, labels have to stick reliably in these conditions as well
  • Strong adhesion, yet easy to wash off labels with HERMA adhesive 62P

Download Wash-off Adhesive 62P Datasheet



Wash-off Adhesive for Reusable Trays

For a greener planet: transporting plants in reusable trays

  • Multiple-use systems offer clear benefits in garden plant logistics, where standardised container dimensions predominate
  • For defined processes, leading suppliers, including Normpack of the Netherlands, recommend suitable wash-off adhesives – such as HERMA’s 62P
  • The adhesive 62P combines excellent wash-off properties, starting at temperatures below 40 °C, with good adhesion that endures even damp cold storage

Download Wash-off Adhesive 62P Datasheet

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