Our high quality European-sourced, smart, connected and scalable digital labelling solutions deliver consumer personalised experiences and offer product and brand protection at the source and at retail level.   RFID technology is also ideal for logistics and supply chain businesses looking to improve the efficiency of their operations as it offers increased visibility of inventory and assets.  It allows businesses to track the movement of their forklifts, trucks, returnable items and any other assets that come in and out of their facility – in real time. It mitigates risk, theft and loss and improves employee productivity. We deliver standard RFID tags as well as personalised inlays and  NFC tags, the most advanced smart product technology at the most affordable price level in Australia.



What is RFID and what can it do?

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are the barcodes of the future.  RFID refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags are captured by a reader via radio waves.  Simply put, RFID systems consist of three components: an RFID tag or smart label, an RFID reader, and an antenna.  The integrated circuit and antenna transmit data to the RFID reader which it then converts the radio waves to a more usable form of data.  The information collected via the tags is then transferred through a communications interface where the data can be stored in a database.  Using radio transmissions you can remotely identify a unique object and obtain extensive information on the subject being scanned. The RFID tags are tiny so can be easily concealed in products’ packaging, being particularly suitable for foodstuffs, beverages and pharmaceuticals.












NFC Tags

What is NFC and what can it do?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a method of wireless data transfer that allows technology in close proximity to communicate without the need for an internet connection. Just like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and all manner of other wireless signals, NFC works on the principle of sending information over radio waves. Passive NFC devices include tags, and other small transmitters, that can send information to other NFC devices without the need for a power source of their own. These don’t require their own power supply. Instead, they can be powered by the electromagnetic field produced by an active NFC component when it comes into range.  Active NFC devices are able to both send and receive data, and can communicate with each other as well as with passive devices.




Brand Protection

The perfect solution to detect and trace unwanted parallel trade of your goods


– Discover and track unauthorised trade practices

– Protect exclusivity rights of your trade partners

– Identify scan location of each individual packaging in real-time

– Check genuiness at every stage with just a smartphone, no special tools required



Expiration Date Control

With the ability to identify each individual product, the smart retail devices report directly to the brand, the quantity and expiration date of every single item on the shelf.


– Eliminate out-of-date products on the shelf

– Optimise the production and distribution processes

– Ensure the customer’s safety and satisfaction



Consumer Engagement

Targeted campaigns with geofencing


– Increase campaign efficiency by providing messages adequate for the consumer

– Differentiate incentives based on consumer’s previous behaviour

– Multi-regional product handling: automatic language selection based on the region of the scan

– Provide consumers with instant access to information which does not fit on the label

– Present multimedia content directly on the product

– Identify every single product as a unique one



Optimize Processes

Trace your goods every step of the way from source, to distribution to retail.


– Establish a communication process with partners

– Easily identify possible bottlenecks in the process to be eliminated

– With sensor, NFC tags mogint shipping and storage conditions (i.e. temperature).




– Wireless scanning makes inventory tracking a much faster process


– Unique tracking

– Real time updates of inventory totals

– Integration with other systems (ie. to identify theft or misdirected shipments, confirmation of shipping and delivery of goods)



Real Time Stocktaking

Smart retail devices which recognize products down to single unique items and reports stock in real-time.


– Receive instant detailed information about stock on each shelf

– Manage logistics better with reliable and precise data.




Gain more control over your products’ packaging lifecycle and decrease your environmental footprint.


– Control the recycling fee charging by tracking products’ distribution and recycling areas.

– Educate consumers about the proper disposal method for your products’ packaging.



Increase Brand Loyalty

Easy Reordering – A solution that makes ordering a replacement product as simple as tapping it with a smartphone


Instant Win and Sweepstakes – Surprise your consumers with an innovative and immediate experience. Allow them to access promotions and get rewarded just by tapping your product with their smartphone.

Loyalty Programs – Platform for single or multi-brand loyalty programs which may be run without retailer’s involvement.

Perfect Basket – An off the shelf purchase incentive solution to encourage consumers to complete the full portfolio of products or variants with simple but effective gamification tools.