Inkless Printing Solutions

Inkless Printing Solutions for late stage personalised printing

Lasers have been used in a variety of different applications for many years and have often been limited to simple ablation and cutting applications, which are less about printing and more about processing of materials. DataLase combines traditional laser technology with unique colour-change pigments to create an entirely new inkless printing revolution, delivering high resolution, high contrast print on a variety of substrates.

After many years of development, DataLase can now offer its revolutionary Photonic Printing solutions to fundamentally change the way that brand owners engage with consumers through products and packaging allowing lasers to be used where previously it was not possible to obtain a contrast.

DataLase combines the best of conventional and digital printing into a single solution to deliver unsurpassed capability, where instant reaction to ever changing market conditions is fundamental to achieving success in marketing engagement campaigns. Whilst at the same time streamlining operations and eliminating waste in the supply chain.

Inkless printing

Benefits of Inkless Digital Printing:

  • Eliminate inks and solvents from production lines
  • Realises the operational efficiencies of laser marking systems on end-of-line applications
  • Minimal preventative maintenance and servicing
  • Laser reliability reduces unscheduled downtime
  • Higher throughput rates due to faster coding
  • No waste disposal considerations – no label backing waste or ink
  • Late stage customisation of packaging – reduced SKUs and inventory