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Non-Contact High-Resolution Piezo Coding and Marking Systems

The REA JET UP is an innovative high-resolution piezo printer for non-contact printing on various substrates, such as paper, cardboard, wood, porous and non-porous surfaces. Offering increased speed and compact design, it prints alphanumeric text, barcodes, large graphics & logos, and images with high contrast up to 108.37mm height and 1500 dpi resolution. Its patented ink formula ensures fast drying on smooth surfaces and supports various types of ink.

The new industrial print head design is more reliable and can hold up in harsh and rugged conditions. With an engine that allows the ink to circulate, nozzle failures are reduced, and maintenance costs are lowered. Ideal for clear, legible printing in countless applications, the UP operates up to three times faster than conventional technologies and integrates easily into any production line.

  • Alphanumeric texts: Printing of texts, serial numbers, product information or safety instructions on different surfaces
  • 1D barcodes, 2D codes and machine-readable codes: Marking of packaging for identification, traceability, quality control and high first-read rates for efficient handling of progress and storage processes
  • Logos and pictograms: Application of company logos, danger/safety signs, product images and graphic elements for brand communication, safety and product presentation
  • Variable Data: Print date, time, meter readings, shift codes and database content for traceability, quality control and inventory management
  • Traceability: Creation of unique identifiers to trace products along the entire supply chain
  • Secondary packaging: Identification of outer packaging, e.g. B. Cartons and cardboard boxes for optimized warehousing and logistics
  • Packaging marking: Application in the packaging industry to mark product packaging, both on primary and secondary packaging
  • Logistics industry: Used in the logistics industry to identify and track goods in transit, print shipping labels, and improve warehouse and inventory management

REA JET HR - HP-Printing Technology

The REA JET HR is the most innovative high resolution coding and marking system available for industrial use. It utilises the Thermal Inkjet Technology that is trusted by millions of users of office printers. For the first time, maintenance-free product coding and marking for your production.

Reajet HR 2K 4KUnlimited industrial capability, robust stainless steel housing, IP65 protection class, well-thought-out print head design. An intuitive operating logic is provided thanks to the design of the jog-dial functionality as the central control element.

If you're looking for an innovative coding and marking solution for use in the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, wood, paper, packaging, or intellectual property protection industries, or as an OEM in the mechanical- and plant-engineering fields, you have come to the right place.

The HR system is available as listed below:

  • REA JET HR 2K - with 2 print heads, up to 25, 4mm print height
  • REA JET HR 4K - with 4 print heads, up to 50, 8mm print height
  • REA JET HR pro 2K - particularly suitable for the control cabinet installation, 2 print heads, up to 25, 4mm print height, high performance
  • REA JET HR pro 4K - particularly suitable for the control cabinet installation, 4 print heads, up to 50, 8mm print height, high performance

High Resolution Printers are commonly used to create:

Date & Batch Codes   NIP & Ingredients   2-Dimensional & QR Codes   

Text Information   Symbols & Logos   Unique Codes   Security Printing