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HERMA InNo-Liner 

The HERMA InNo-Liner system is characterized by the fact that the labels do not require a liner. Made from paper or film, liner materials are used to cover the adhesive side of labels. Although the paper materials are likewise wound on rolls, they are not sticky because the adhesive is not activated until later.

The HERMA linerless system is designed to apply labels to the side or top of outer shipper cartons or boxes of different heights that are fed to the applicator in any sequence.  The InNo-liner system transfers the initially non-sticky label to a tamp pad, which is equipped with a box height sensor and a linear dosing unit.  A water activation unit performs a transverse motion underneath the label where it activates the adhesive with a highly consistent spray of micro-atomised water.  Then the linear transfer unit automatically moves the tamp pad, with the activated label to the required labelling height for the next case in the line. This is all done at the same speed of a traditional Print and Apply Labelling system. The key benefit of the system is that no coatings are placed on the surface of the facestocks to aid in the unwinding of the stock on the applicators. This means no negative impact is felt with variable printing, a key challenge with alternative Linerless systems.

Necessary manual intervention consists largely of renewing label reels. For printing variable data on the labels, both thermal transfer and direct thermal options are available. Labels can also be pre-printed in colour with conventional techniques.

Thanks to its universal knowledge base, HERMA offers an end-to-end solution from the outset – linerless label stock alongside an innovative labelling system. Users instantly benefit from the peace of mind afforded by integrated performance, while label manufacturers are presented with new selling points for marketing their compelling solutions.


Calculator for determining the CO2 savings with HERMA InNo-Liner

Find out quickly and easily how much CO2 you can save by using HERMA InNo-Liner labels instead of self-adhesive labels with release liner.

Co2 calculator






Labelling machine

Thanks to a comprehensive know-how chain, HERMA offers a complete solution: linerless label material plus an innovative labelling system. The material is printed, cut, activated and applied with the labelling machine.

Herma InNo LIner System

In the labelling process, the label is first cut and printed, then the adhesive is activated and finally the label is applied to the carton by a linear unit.

The labels can be pre-printed in colour using conventional printing methods. The labelling system can be equipped with either a thermal transfer or direct thermal printer for printing the variable data.

Cutting unit
After printing, the label is cut to the desired length. The modified guillotine technique delivers a service life of several million cuts and simple blade changing.

Micro atomizing nozzles
Once the label is dispensed, the adhesive is activated by precise jets of atomized water. The strength of the immediate, uniform and tenacious adhesion enables the label to hold fast for its lifetime.

Water System
The water consumption of the system is extremely low. Filling the water tank is quick and easy. The water partly recovered during the atomization process is filtered and reused.

Linear Unit
A vacuum suction plate with application roller and an integrated sensor for automatic cardboard box height detection result in the safe operating principle. The stroke length of the cylinder is 500 mm.


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