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Packing, Labelling & Shipping

Innovate your warehouse management system with the following.

One Step Plus™  –  Automatic Pack Slip Applicator
warehouse management system
Automate the application of the 8.5” x 11” packing sheet and shipping label with the latest advancement in print and apply labeling technology.  Numina Group, the leader in pack and ship process optimisation introduces One Step Plus™, a game changing advance for automating the packing, shipping, and manifesting process.   One Step Plus™ automates the application of the packing sheet without the use of a plastic pouch.

X-PressPAL™  –  Packing and Shipping Automation System

warehouse management systemX-Press PAL™ eliminates the time and labour associated with manual carton weighing, packing sheet/invoice generation, P/A labeling, and manifesting.  A single operator can process up to 350 or more shipments per hour, eliminating two to three operators in most non automated packing and shipping operations.

Numina’s industry leading pack & ship and warehouse management system automates the application of the shipping/compliance label and manifesting process at up to 15 cartons per minute.  If higher speeds are required Numina Group can supply a print and apply labeling system that performs at 50 plus cartons per minute rates!

Vision Capture System  –  Order Validation And Package Auditing System

warehouse management systemVision Capture System, VCS, is a computer-based image data collection system that provides real-time captures of case contents or full case visual auditing for Manufacturing and Distribution Centers. Numina’s Vision Capture System utilises high-speed digital color cameras along with identification data from barcode scanners to capture an image of the top, side, and/or contents of a case. The versatile visual auditing system can be used for both stationary or in-motion applications.

One-Step  –  Automated Packing System

warehouse management systemYour distribution center will move one-step ahead of the competition with The Numina Group’s One-Step Fulfillment System – the ultimate automated packaging solution. Achieve packing automation and increased throughput with One-Step’s automated fulfillment system. One-Step is a revolutionary automated fulfillment process combining the best hardware, software, and print-and-apply technology to the automatic application of packing slips and shipping labels. And it does it accurately and continuously while processing as many as 25 cartons per minute!

Cube3™  –  Carton Dimensioning System

warehouse management systemMore than just a sensor, Cube3™ shipping validation and carton dimensioning system is the intelligent choice for high-volume distribution. Its major benefit is its ability to “on the fly” capture and analyse.

The Cube3™ carton dimensioning system includes a high performance SQL Database for data collection and reporting capabilities. This facilitates shipping validation information and improves all operations throughout the warehouse. Carton dimensioning data and operator actions are easily retrieved for viewing case shipment history. Cube3’s shipping validation software algorithm works in real-time to detect and prevent errors, while minimising freight costs.

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