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On Pack Promotions

Brand promotions are highly effective method of boosting product sales and brand switching at store level.  A great way of communicating brand promotions is to utilise the valuable “real estate” of the product itself. As compared with traditional POS, communication on pack is easily merchandised as it arrives in-store with the product. It stays displayed for the duration of the promotion (or at least until product is sold out – a good problem to have!).  And the opportunity to be noticed by the consumer is greater, because the communication is brought home with the product.

With regard to brand promotions, we understand that packaging options and companies’ creative ideas are endless.  So we have a lengthy product list and superior technology for all sorts of on pack promotions.

Don’t believe us? Then take a look at our range, it speaks for itself.

Tim Tam unique codes

  • Unique codes or identifiers (also includes security codes)
  • Instant win messages
  • Lotto or bingo numbers
  • Predictive games
  • Call to action self-adhesive labels
  • Multi-page pull open coupon labels
  • Removable tokens and collectibles
  • Digital promotions

Call to action self-adhesive labelOur on pack promotion offering is very much handled on a project by project basis.  The emphasis is on uniqueness in the program being offered and the packaging elements to be controlled.

By using standard production methods, understanding the supply chain and a brand owner’s (or  n agency’s) objectives, a unique on pack promotion concept can be developed quickly without needing a massive portion of the budget to go towards packaging.

Our expertise, lets us work with technical and product teams to deliver solutions that are acceptable to manufacturing, while ticking off the key deliverable marketing requirements.

Bottom line, sales are increased and all it takes is experience and focus.

Have an idea that isn’t mentioned above?  Talk to us today.  We have a proven background in conceptualising ideas for brand promotions and developing products that offer value and quality in every aspect of our customers’ businesses.

Hungry Jack's On-Pack Promotions Click here to read more about our latest promotion for Hungry Jack’s. 


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The Game is Better at Hungry Jack’s

The Game is Better at Hungry Jack’s

This week’s launch of the Hungry Jack’s UNO™ promotion is the successful outcome of the collaborative effort between Hungry Jack’s, Result Group, TLC Marketing, Multi-color Corporation and Detpak with Result Group taking the lead and managing the game development and...

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Case Studies



BRAND:  Smith’s, Burger Rings, Twisties, Doritos and Bluebird (New Zealand) PROJECT:  “Band-it” promotion PRODUCT SUPPLIED:  Brand promotions, on pack promotions BASE PACKAGING SUBSTRATE:  Printed packaging film DELIVERY SYSTEM:  On site at Result Group BRIEF...

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BRAND:  Kit Kat, Allens, Smarties, Milo, Milky Bar PROJECT:  “You Win $50” PRODUCT SUPPLIED:  Brand promotions, on pack promotion BASE PACKAGING SUBSTRATE:  Printed packaging film DELIVERY SYSTEM:  Off site – Carter Holt Harvey, Detmold, Amcor & Aperio Finewrap...

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