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The Exsede range of labelling machines offers reliable performance when space and cost are a consideration. Simple to use, simply Exsede! If you have unique requirements that may not be covered by our standard range of product labelling machines, we have the expertise, skills and facilities to offer you fully customised solutions dependant on your exact requirements.

Automatic labelling machines

The Exsede range of Automatic machines includes systems that enable top, bottom, top & bottom, wrap-around as well as two-side and neck labelling.

RE 220 – Automatic Top labelling 

The RE 220 is the proven solution for top labelling of a wide range of products of different shapes and sizes. The machine is equipped with a dispensing beak and a label recognition unit ensuring a consistent labelling result every time.

RE 220B – Automatic Bottom labelling 

The RE 220B is the ideal solution for base labelling of products. The operator -friendly, compact design with short set up times make this machine economically attractive.

RE 230 – Automatic Top and Bottom labelling

Delivering a consistent result at all times, the Exsede RE 230 allows for top and bottom labelling of products in a variety of shapes and sizes. If required, both top and bottom labelling can be completed in a single pass.

RE 200 – Automatic Wrap-Around labelling

Compact, powerful and easy to use, the  RE 200 masters every challenge of wrap-around labelling. Suitable for round or cylindrical products.  High labelling precision. 

RE 3510 – Automatic Two-Side labelling

RE 3510 is the economical and reliable solution for simultaneous labelling of two-sides. Efficient and robust , the RE 3510 ensures precise label placement at any operating speed.

Semi-Automatic labelling machines

The RE 50 and RE 50A are semi-automatic, small-budget, benchtop labelling machines that allow the user to label small batches efficiently with no loss of precision. The RE 50 is suitable for cylindrical products such as bottles and tubes whilst the RE 50A is ideal for flat surfaces.

RE 50                                                                      RE 50A

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