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The Grape N’ Go project is a collaborative effort between Result Group, Fruit Master and N.A.V.I. Co Global. Two years in the making, Grape N’ Go is a winning packaging set-up and an Australian first in the fruit and vegetable sector. This ingenious concept has recently been recognised as a significant achievement in the area of innovative packaging and processing materials with Result Group being announced as a Finalist in this year’s Packaging & Processing Innovation & Design Awards (PIDA).

Whilst the entire packaging format of Grape N’ Go is a winner, Fresh Lid is the hero of our innovative design. The special reclosable lid promotes a longer shelf life for grapes and an extended consumption window for those consumers who do not wish to eat the grapes in one go.

The structure of the lightweight lidding material employs a special, uncured adhesive layer that is exposed when the consumer first opens the multilayered reclosable lid.  Once exposed, the layer maintains its adhesive properties for up to 20 uses, even under challenging cold conditions of refrigerated storage.  The reclosable function coupled with the controlled atmospheric ambiance provided by the laser holes are key elements in extending the shelf life of the grapes.  A longer shelf life gives consumers a larger window to consume the product, drives food waste reduction in family homes and provides export opportunities.

Fresh Lid can be applied on standard automated packaging lines and eliminates the need for additional self-adhesive labels and secondary trace labels by printing directly onto the film itself. The laminate film is fully recyclable and creates a clean visible “window” to view the product. An easily identifiable tamper feature is also available.

With Grape N’ Go, product loss from damage (during distribution and retail), despoliation and spillage (during filling or retail handling) has been prevented through a structural and creative packaging design that provides a better level of product protection, wholesomeness and quality of grapes.

For additional information on Fresh Lid or to find out more about our creative packaging solutions please contact Michael Dossor on 0401 266 118 or alternatively Enquire Here.

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