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HERMA, Result’s German-based partner specialising in self-adhesive technology, has developed a solution with which the entire CO2 footprint of a label can be drastically reduced by doing without carrier material on a self-adhesive label. Simply put, the release liner is completely removed.

HERMA’s InNo-Liner System has received the German Packaging Award in the sustainability category for its environmental benefits.  Thousands of tons of material and costly waste disposal can be avoided every year with the new InNo-Liner system.

Although linerless applications already exist, including in the form of self-adhesive receipts or vouchers and sealing labels, their serious shortcomings have condemned them to a niche existence. Because these types are sticky from the outset and wound on rolls, their surface is often siliconised and therefore incompatible with printing inks – and thermal printers can produce only black or single-colour lettering and images. Other systems, such as those that are activated by heat, suffer from inherent speed limitations.

The HERMA InNo-Liner system, in contrast, easily achieves the generally required cycle speed of around 40 A5 or A6 labels a minute, and the labels can be pre-printed in colour if necessary. In terms of affordability, the cost is much the same as that of a conventional self-adhesive label.

The InNo-Liner system is the first solution of its kind worldwide that satisfies the strict requirements imposed by logistics and distribution centres. Furthermore, it includes a HERMA patented self-adhesive material which is not at all sticky at first and becomes highly adhesive in a fraction of a second as it is dispensed and activated by a special micro-atomiser. The strength of the immediate, uniform and tenacious adhesion enables the label to hold so fast that any attempt to detach it from the parcel inevitably tears fibres from the packaging material as well.

Users, label printers and environmental campaigners have other reasons to be pleased as well – in the absence of a siliconized liner, each roll can accommodate more labels, so that both the shipping weight and the necessary warehousing space are reduced whilst ticking off the environmental benefit as well.

The overall climate-relevant CO2 footprint of a linerless label such as HERMA’s is drastically reduced.  For Print & Apply applications, the HERMA InNo-Liner System is the ideal solution.

For more information on the HERMA InNo-Liner System please Enquire here or Contact Us.

Above content is an altered reproduction of Herma’s ‘Entirely Linerless Shipping Labels’ article. 

Watch video below for more information on HERMA’s Linerless Labels and the InNo-Liner System.

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