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Let me get straight to the point.  We have all had and will continue to have our “challenges” due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). From my team to yours; stay safe and let the human spirit shine through.

Being an essential supplier in the FMCG and packaging and the industries that support them, Result Group have ensured we have planned for today, the immediate weeks, following months and well into the future.

We have established a set of actions for our four product categories to ensure we continue operations with as little of an impact as possible.  In the spirit of transparency, we would like to share these actions with you.  We are in a good place as we are founded on values of being dynamic and making it happen, not waiting for it to happen…..

Consumable Products – Coding Inks and Solvents, Ribbons Reclose Tapes and Spare parts

  • Our stock holdings of all inks, solvents, cartridges and ribbons have been increased
  • Our stock holdings of spare parts has always been high and that will not change
  • Our global suppliers even in countries with lockdown imposed are still working and shipping
  • We have increased our planning activities to ensure we are aware of your needs

The reality is that while we do all we can, things may change faster than we can predict. We can assure you we will act quickly and review our actions every 48 hours to ensure they are the best they can be.  Any new items will be addressed swiftly, without delay as we’ll continue to deliver what the Result Brand is all about……..RESULTS.

Our priority over the last week and into the foreseeable future has been protecting our team, positioning Result to run regardless of the situation we face and ensuring our supply chain is secure.  By following these principles we are simply supporting the customers who have supported us over the last 10 plus years, while letting our actions position us for continued growth when this is over.

To put it simply, we remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS and take our collective responsibility very seriously in putting the stakeholders of Result and economy of Australia ahead of everything else. The more you can share with us, the better we will be able to service you and your business and, that is the most important ingredient in these unprecedented times.




Michael (Doss) Dossor

Group General Manager

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