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  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • A new benchmark in labelling
  • Easy integration into production line

HERMA has launched the eagerly awaited H500 label applicator. Equipped with intelligent features that meet the criteria set by Industry 4.0, HERMA’s new applicator offers compelling connectivity, intuitive operation, highly flexible integration options and outstanding performance parameters.

The HERMA 500 delivers innovation with the machine’s online functionality allowing users to operate, maintain and parametrise via the Internet web-browser. It is remote control responsive and can also be connected to an upstream controller without additional components. 

The 11cm touchscreen with intuitive guidance can be rotated in three 90° increments to ensure optimum visibility and readability in any situation. It offers excellent responses to finger pressure regardless of whether or not the operator is wearing gloves.

The HERMA 500 offers improved performance over its predecessor with 25% faster labelling speeds thanks to newly developed components. Even with mechanical unwind and rewind units, the HERMA 500 can provide a better feed rate than its predecessor at 50 m/min versus 40 m/min for the H400. 

Unprecedented versatility and compact design offer fast and easy integration into any production line even if very little space is available. There is no requirement for a switch cabinet and the control unit is directly integrated in the device itself. 

Offering high precision labelling and enhanced performance thanks to innovative technologies, the HERMA 500 is a master of all classes.

Labelling products at up to 200m/min, the HERMA 500 can be adapted to the requirements of any industry including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage as well as many other sectors.

For more information about the HERMA 500 or any other labelling needs you may have, please contact Enquire here.

Click HERE to watch HERMA 500 video.

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