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  • Your entry into the premium class, without a premium price.
  • Automatic Labellers: top, bottom, top & bottom combination, wrap-around, dual side and neck labellers.
  • Semi automatic labellers.

Result Group has launched an affordable range of fully automatic and semi-automatic labelling systems. The Exsede labelling machines provide the user with accurate label placement and improved productivity for virtually any labelling operation.  The equipment includes machines for front, back, top and bottom as well as wrap-around, sides and neck labelling of products of various shapes and sizes.   

The Exsede Wrap-around automatic labelling machines offer precise labelling application, every time.  Speeds of 170 products per minute can be obtained and labels of up to 500mm length can be partial or fully wrapped.  The wrap-around machines can be operated in an existing line or as a stand-alone unit.  These systems are the ideal solution for high throughput, high production environment with guaranteed label accuracy. In addition, a printer can be integrated to print variable information on labels with the actual application.

The Exsede Two-Side and Neck Automatic Labellers are ideal for applications of multiple labels to bottles.  They are also suitable for labelling a wide range of products of various shapes and sizes. Special systems are ideal for applying labels on flat or slightly irregular products in movement. Multiple configurations are available with speeds up to 150 products per minute. 

For the budget conscious, we offer the Exsede range of Semi-automatic Labellers. These benchtop machines allow the user to label small batches efficiently without loss of precision. Suitable for the labelling of round, cylindrical, cables and flat surface products, these machines are the most economical and reliable solution for short run productions.

Although economical, the systems are excellent labellers with a label dispense head that is so sturdy and accurate that higher end models have a hard time competing with its performance.  Designed to Australian standards and, fully supported by our in-house technical team, the Exsede range of labellers offer affordable labelling precision.

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