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  • Linerless labels
  • Pre-print label in colour
  • No waste disposal costs

Result Group is committed to offering packaging that is more sustainable and tackles plastic waste.  The emphasis we place on sustainability and circularity can be seen in our partnerships with our suppliers, in particular HERMA GmbH.

Pooling its expertise across all of its divisions, the innovative company developed the HERMA InNo-Liner system – the first of its kind to cater for the requirements imposed by shipping labels. The InNo-Liner system is not only a cost-cutting game changer from the perspective of logistics and shipping, but also actively contributes to protecting the environment as it removes thousands of siliconised paper liner from the market and the waste disposal chain.

Around the world, labelling is an activity which at present generates millions of tons of liner that is completely useless once the labels have been applied. By 2025, experts estimate that 200 billion shipping boxes will be in use.  Because the HERMA InNo-Liner system can drastically minimise the entire climate-relevant CO2 footprint of labels – by managing without any liner material – a huge amount of waste is going to be avoided.

The system is designed to apply labels to the top of shipping cases of different heights that are fed to the applicator in any sequence.  The soon-to-be-launched system transfers the initially non-sticky label to a tamp pad, which is equipped with a box height sensor and a linear unit.  A water activation unit performs a transverse motion underneath the label where it activates the adhesive with a highly consistent spray of micro-atomised water.  Then the linear transfer unit automatically moves the tamp pad, with the activated label to the required labelling height for the next case in the line.

The underlying principle is easy to understand and simple. It does not involve any solvents, heat or other activation media associated with possibly undesirable side-effects. Furthermore, the cost is much the same as that of a conventional self-adhesive label.

For printing variable data on the labels, both thermal transfer and direct thermal options are available and labels can also be pre-printed in colour with conventional techniques.

Making packaging materials more circular and sustainable is a core priority at Result Group. So much so that our General Manager, Michael Dossor, has joined APCO’s Materials Circularity Working Group.  By joining the initiative, the company can now collaborate with partners along the entire value chain to, amongst other matters, identify barriers and opportunities to material circularity for packaging.

If nothing else, COVID-19 has given us something positive back – the gift of time.  At Result Group we have taken it and used it wisely to strategically launch fresh ideas and opportunities in the packaging and materials space to help our customers successfully relaunch their businesses.

Call us on 03 9706 4474 or Contact us here to find out more on how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.


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