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  • Plastic stickers be gone
  • Environmentally friendly labelling solution
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As the food industry faces rising consumer pressure for more sustainability, we are committed to assisting you deliver the type of eco-friendly packaging that consumers want. We are very proud to announce our partnership with EcoMark GmbH, innovators in the field of branding fruits, vegetables and foodstuffs the natural way.

With five years on the clock to achieve your sustainability pledge, working together with an industry-wide goal has never been more important.  In the hysteria around plastics and meeting recovery goals for packaging, it would be wise to explore alternatives.  We have seen a rise in paper-based solutions, as well as other recyclable, compostable, and even edible substrates being launched at scale.  However, what if we told you there is an eco-friendly way to brand your fresh produce without the use of labels, stickers, inks or other packaging materials.  Branding the natural way via our customisable EcoMark laser systems.

EcoMark Natural Branding laser systems mark single items or entire boxes/cases of fresh produce.  The laser removes only the pigments of the outer layer without affecting the food whilst maintaining the quality and shelf life of the branded food item.  Labelling times are possible in as little as 0.3 seconds per logo.

The new user-friendly software allows a different product setting to be configured with just a few clicks. This ensures optimal results and extends product shelf life.  Marking takes place “on the fly” without stopping and the EcoMark Natural Branding laser machines can mark logos, QR codes, text, barcodes and a lot more.

Bouncing back post COVID-19 is critical to future survival. It is your time to evolve with the world, your moment for reinvention. Your time to build a strong connection between your brand and your customer, a connection that can result in a customer choosing your brand above all others for months or even years.   Keep them informed and loyal via our IDlocate – our completepasture to plate, farm to fork traceability, anti-counterfeit, and consumer engagement platform.

With IDlocate, location-based product information is sent directly to global consumers anywhere and anytime in the world.  By simply scanning a unique QR code from your product, not only is the product verified as authentic (important for export markets), traceability and marketing content allow the shopper experience virtual farm/factory tours, usage suggestions, purchasing offers and much more.

Build consumer trust by giving them an insight into your supply chain and sharing with them the providence and authenticity of your product.  By educating them about your offering you are, in the long-term, building trust to be their brand of choice.

In a world where switching brands is increasingly simple you can stay ahead of the game with our EcoMark Natural Branding machines and IDlocate consumer engagement platform.

Call us on 03 9706 4474 or Contact us here to find out more.

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