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These days, consumers are demanding greater product diversity and a wider range of products. This, in turn, has increased the number of products manufactured and marketed, thereby contributing to the production complexity. In order to meet these challenges, there is an ascending demand from product manufacturers for versatile labelling machines that can handle a wider range of materials and accommodate numerous technologies.

Result Group and its partners have invested vast amounts in research and development activities in order to cater to the rising demand for high-speed and precision labelling machines that are capable of applying labels on containers of different shapes and sizes. We’ve done the work, so you don’t have to.  It’s all about the right machine to get the job done with comfort and ease.

We have a number of labelling systems available in-stock, ready to go….just take a look below at what we have ready for dispatch now.



Building on the tremendous international success of the company’s flagship HERMA 400 Machine, HERMA 500’s Industry 4.0 prowess reflects today’s modern production lines and environments.

Herma 500 Label Applicator

Quick set-up: Short make-ready time thanks to innovative technologies such as assisted backing paper feed and automatic label length detection.

Safe Operation: 11cm touchscreen with clear symbols, intuitive menu guidance and individual customisation.

High precision labelling: Modular dispensing systems enable perfectly reproducible application of various label types.

Intelligent control: State-of-the-art machine communication. IIoT-enabled thanks to Ethernet interface and configurable fieldbus connection.



Herma Basic Label ApplicatorThe HERMA Basic redefines the technical benchmark in its class. Its performance and market positioning are both excellent reasons for using HERMA’s market leading technology compared to any other stand-alone labeller.

Reliable, rugged and precise with standard labelling applications,  the HERMA Basic works at a speed of up to 25 m/min and can be adjusted using the keypad and display. Its integrated controller means there is no need for an additional switch cabinet. Label sizes can be adjusted from 12 x 12 mm to 160 x 400 mm.


PREMIUM LABELLERS – that are still the most cost-effective systems on the market


Herma 752C Labelling Machine


The HERMA 752C automatically applies in one pass, a three- panel label to the top, front and base on a wide range of packs and trays including fresh meat, produce and ready meals.

The HERMA 752C facilitates quick changeovers in the very busiest of production environments.  This label applicator system is suitable for all environments and when not applying three panel labels the 752C can be utilised for standard top labelling operations.

A thermal transfer printer can easily be integrated for printing variable data such as batch number and expiry date.



Exsede labelling machine The Exsede range of labelling machines offers reliable performance when space and cost are a consideration.

Compact, powerful and easy to use, the Exsede RE 200 masters every challenge of wrap-around labelling.

Suitable for round or cylindrical products.  High labelling precision, without the premium price tag.



If you’ve been thinking about it, now is the time to purchase at Result Group.  Get the labeller you want right now and write it off this financial year* – up to $150,000 on a per asset basis – which means you can write off more than one machine/printer.

Want to free up cash flow?  Talk to our expert finance specialists about our Total Finance options. Need peace of mind? With our Total Service options, you’re in safe hands 24/7, 365 days a year.

To find out more about our extensive range of labelling machines, contact us or enquire here.

* The instant asset write-off threshold of $150,000 for businesses is available until 31 December 2020. Tax incentives may be available to businesses who satisfy the requirements of the relevant legislation.  Result Group cannot guarantee an asset deduction will be available.


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