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  • Remove inks and solvents from production
  • Increased efficiency due to faster coding
  • Late-stage customisation of packaging – reduced SKUs and inventory

Let’s face it, most of us have an appetite for wanting to know that brands are doing their best in the area of sustainability. Producing sustainable packaging is an area that is closely aligned with Result Group’s own sustainability goals and corporate social responsibility.

With a focus on sustainable packaging, brand owners need to consider sustainable labelling alternatives for their packaging.  Inkless printing is a viable alternative to print and apply labels and high-resolution inkjet solutions. Not only does the solution entirely eliminate unnecessary waste and single-use labels and backing paper from the supply chain, but also delivers high contrast, high quality, durable codes that do not smudge or rub off. Traceability is improved through increased accuracy, while efficiency and productivity both benefit through a significant reduction in possible product recall and rework required.

Combining our laser systems with unique colour change pigments to create high resolution, high contrast print, DataLase inkless solutions deliver an inkless printing revolution that aligns with circular economy initiatives and brings a host of environmental advantages.  It also helps us to work towards our 2025 sustainability targets.

Inkless printing solutions

How does it work?

Laser technology activates unique colour-changing dyes, the laser instigates a phase change in the coating, changing it from clear to black and creating  variable information onto a variety of types of packaging, including papers and boards as well as metal and plastics. Any information printed with conventional thermal style printers can be replicated with DataLase; GS1, 2D & 1D barcodes, batch/date codes, price-weigh details, batch numbers and logos and images.

A typical print and apply label is produced using facestock, adhesive and backing paper with silicone release coating as well as either a thermal coating or thermal transfer ribbon waste which consists of plastics, waxes and resins. DataLase is a coating, conventionally printed directly onto the packaging just like any other coating or image during manufacture ……. The reduction of materials and cost savings are an easy calculation …… the label is gone!!

As the laser technology used by DataLase is Inkless it makes consumables redundant , no inks, cartridges and toners, and mess, the invention is not only user-friendly and potentially cost saving, but also has major environmental benefits.

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