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Print and ApplyCAB Hermes Q

Hermes Q is designed for automated print and apply processes in production lines. Different applicators allow the label to be applied via roll-on, blow-on or tamp-on to a product or packaging.

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Hermes Q Applicators: there is a full suite of applicators available for the HermesQ

CAB Hermes C


Hermes C is the first labelling system worldwide to print and apply two-color labels in one operation. It has been developed and optimized especially for applications corresponding to the new Classification and Labelling Inventory according to GHS.

Due to the integrated backfeed system single labels can be printed and applied on request without loss of labels. All shapes of packaging can be marked, for example bottles, cans, drums, buckets, cardboard or pallets.

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Hermes C Applicators

Stroke Applicators: For real-time labeling on packaging or products. According to the type of pad the product is either in motion or not. Labels may be applied on the product from all sides.

Vacuum Belt Applicators: For real-time labeling on packaging or products in motion. Labels may be applied on the product from all sides on a flat surface, on a cylinder resp. by corner wrap labeling.

PX Q Print Module

Print and Apply The PX  Q print module is designed especially for the fully automatic print and apply operation in the industrial use. Perfect function, high reliability, easy to handle operation and less maintenance downtime. It can be integrated in each orientation and used for complex labelling applications.

A solid cast aluminum design is base for the assembly of all components of the printing mechanics. A food safe coating and stainless steel covers make the PX Q print module-perfect with outstanding features. It is bolt compatible with competitive print engines.

print and applyHERMA H400 Laser

This coding system for laser-activatable labels is the perfect solution for any business looking for a reduction in production cost and an increase in process reliability.

The HERMA H400 laser print and apply system ensures reliable operation with minimum maintenance and reduces routine servicing time to almost zero with no system downtime for ribbon breaks or changeovers.  It can be integrated into any production line and offers network integration with camera systems for a complete traceability.

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