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  • Rotary Labellers designed for high speed, high precision self-adhesive labelling
  • Modular labellers that deliver high-quality output
  • Wide variety of product orientation methods

Weleda is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of certified natural cosmetics and anthroposophic medicines.  About 81% of the raw materials come from organic or biodynamic cultivation and from controlled wild collection. Given today’s world, their brand is on the rise. For the labelling of its products, the company was looking for a new machine and found it at Gernep.

Weleda processes about 1000 natural, sustainably produced raw materials. From this, about 120 natural cosmetic products and more than 1000 medicines are produced. It’s a complicated product mix that needed a solution where versatility was the number one consideration.

When it came to labelling its various products, Weleda settled on the Gernep Soluta Rotary Labeller. There are many reasons for this choice:  flexible rotary concept allowing for multiple glass containers of different shapes and sizes to be labelled; optimized operator protection; automatic detection of label tape pre-end and label tape end; motorized winding and unwinding for increased machine throughput; reliable detection (via the photo-electronic sensor) of transparent and shiny label material plus many other advantages.

With the Soluta, various glass containers of different sizes and shapes are labelled: from 50 ml bottles with wrap-around labels to the 100 ml bottle and the 200 ml bottle with front and back labels. If a label is faulty or even completely missing, the photo-electronic sensor ensures pulse-controlled ejection via the eight-fold pusher.

At Weleda, the Soluta labels up to 4800 bottles per hour, depending on the filling quantity and the outer packaging. A big advantage of the Soluta machine system is the flexibility of retrofitting additional equipment for special container orientation, additional labelling and label control.

Weleda has selected Herma dispenser units, which have a quick-change dispensing edge with a bayonet catch. Label placement accuracy is outstanding. Also, the format parts for the inlet and outlet are quickly converted, can be changed in a few minutes to other containers / labels and, downtime is significantly reduced. Most importantly, the technology still works flawlessly even after years of heavy use.

Result Group is able to provide standard Gernep labelling machines as well as customer-specific, one-off productions that are designed specifically for the customer’s respective labelling request.  To find out more about the Gernep range of rotary labellers, please Enquire Here.

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