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  • Buy once and never pay again.
  • No expensive programming required.
  • Integrates with current software seamlessly.

Result Group with our Product Identification technology, knows that we can’t be all things to all people, but that said being able to offer a total solution with seamless integration and 100% support, is a given in today’s market.

With this in mind we have assembled the best of the best. Companies with similar values to ours. Companies that can simply deliver great innovative products that are focused in a specific area of expertise.

  • ATS offering IT based solutions for Industrial & Process Automation,
  • Concept Automation bringing expertise in the field of Vision Inspection, Systems and,
  • Damon an expert in the delivery of Product Handling and Conveyor Systems have come together with over 100 years of experience in our respective fields as we realise you, our customers, need more than just a Printer or Applicator.

More than just a SCADA, MES or HMI Control and more than Vision Systems and Track & Trace functionality. Each element detailed here needs to work in unison with the other, and putting them together needs to be done with a strong level of understanding and without the approach of pulling components off the shelf and trying to get them “talking” with little to no knowledge of the detail. That’s development every time, that’s costs a market like Australia just doesn’t need or can afford.

Result Group has become one of the premier suppliers of Coding and Marking as well as labeling equipment in Australia very quickly, by offering point of difference technology that easily connects without need for complex programming and is supported like no other. The focus of best available cost of ownership has been a key to our success.

ATS as a global company offers products and services for all three levels of the automation. Control, Execution and Information. Their business activities have been specifically designed to support the full life-cycle of automation and IT systems, and using the ‘Ignition’ platform has seen ATS work with some of this country’s most prestigious manufacturers.

Concept Auto Vision system picConcept Automation as the exclusive Laetus Vision System agent in Australia and New Zealand, has a brand that is synonymous the world over with Pharmaceutical, Food, Industrial and Printing and Packaging Security. Laetus set the standards in Vision Systems, with a portfolio incorporating both stand-alone, out of the box units, and modular systems for more complex applications.

Damon Group has become the largest, preferred manufacturer and supplier of conveyor rollers and systems in the Asia Pacific Market. Plants in China and Australia produce a product range that includes; modular conveyors, sorting equipment, conveyor components and storage solutions which are used within many industry sectors. With a strong focus on quality, Damon Group is an endorsed company having ISO9001:2000 certification.

At AUSPACK, you will see all these components working together seamlessly with a real working demonstration on how Automation Solutions can be delivered simply and easily in a cost effective manner with experts

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